I am an independent stock analyst for the Indonesian Stock Exchange with a value investing philosophy. I started my investment career in the beginning of 2016 right when I entered my first year of university. In this blog, I will be writing analyses of potential investments in companies in the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

e-mail: samuel.mailoa@gmail.com

Investment Principles:

  1. Margin of Safety as a central concept on investment – only invest in a stock when there is a sufficient gap between price and value given the risks inherent to the business
  2. Look for Able Management with Integrity, with a good track record
  3. Pay up for quality – because net profit of good businesses are usually understated given their investments for the future
  4. Long Term Focus – assess a business’ value based on its present value of expected future cash flows from now until judgement day
  5. Patience – It can take time for a stock’s price to reflect its fundamentals